Rankwell Marketing’s Simple SEO is hands down the easiest guide to understanding search engine optimization (SEO) delivered in simple instructions that layman website owners can understand.  In this amazing book, you’ll learn;

  • What Google is looking at and why
  • The importance of competitive analysis
  • Controlling your content
  • Keyword research
  • Using the right long tail keywords and search terms
  • Proper site construction from website silos to breadcrumbs
  • Latent semantics and how to avoid stuffing
  • Proper text formatting
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt‘s
  • Proper usage of photos and tagging
  • Structured data and microformatting
  • Title tags and how they affect your clickthroughs
  • Meta tags and why they are still an SEO player
  • UX (User Experience) and how it can destroy conversions
  • The extreme importance of mobile usability
  • Linkbuilding and where to find good quality links
  • Mistakes to avoid (thin content, doorway pages, and more)
  • Creating linkbait
  • Social networking and how it fits in to the picture
  • Important things to pay attention to in you analytics
  • How paid ads can bring in visitors until your SEO takes hold
  • The best SEO tools to use to get things done quickly

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